Whole heartedly, I know that I was created to capture the incredible moments in front of me. My keen eye for detail and my passion for genuine human connection has built the foundation of my craft. I want to be the fly on the wall for the moments you'll hold close to your heart for the rest of your existence. Moments you will pass along through generations of time. There is so much love and excitement behind what I do and I thrive on being the one who is trusted enough to capture the things that make your heart ache with joy. My goal is to always feel like less of a "vendor" but more of a friend. It can get nerve-racking having a camera pointed at you and it's my mission to make everyone I photograph feel as comfortable as possible.


Aside from my photography business, I am sort of a jack-of-all-trades. I can't sit still and am always dabbling into something new. I am a Human Resources professional, and am also a Registered Medical Assistant (so yes, if you need CPR while we are adventuring together, I've got you!) I live in a beautiful home in Athens, Ohio with my husband and our four legged, fury child Brodey. Together, we are the happiest when we are traveling, laughing, and finding the best patios for cocktail sipping. We thrive on entertaining others and serving others truly fills our souls to the brim. My life is filled with so much love and positivity and I am truly thankful to possess that.


Aside from my wedding + portrait photography, I am EXTREMELY passionate about the Women's Empowerment sessions I host. These events bring a number of different women together to network, thrive, and encourage one another. I can't explain fully how passionate I am about introducing women to other positive and encouraging women. It makes my heart feel full and complete in a way that I never thought possible. How insanely cool is it that I get to meet new awesome women and create a network in which we can all spread our vibes and continue to build on our positive energy?! Recently, I was featured in an article by The Post in Athens, OH about my empowerment sessions. Click here to view it! Aside from my Women's Empowerment photoshoots, I am extremely passionate about reproductive freedom, mental health, non-profits, building within my community, and positivity in general. 

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